Panasonic TC-P50S60 Review – Best Plasma TV 2013!

Panasonic TC-P50S60

The 50 inch Panasonic TC-P50S60 plasma TV is appealingly small when it is compared to most of the other plasmas that are available on the market, however it fits into the lineup of S60 nicely. Even though the TC-P50S60 isn’t the Panasonic plasma with the most features, it is preferred by so many people who have got a budget which is fixed. With its 1080p display, it gives the viewers pictures of the best quality of all which can be experienced on the other TVs in the same price range. In addition to that, it has got an inbuilt Wi-Fi with limited online features which are just good enough to fulfill the internet functionality…Find Out The Latest Price of Panasonic TC-P50S60.

Panasonic TC-P50S60 Features

Picture quality

The content displayed on the screen of this TV is at its best with the 1080p Full HD Resolution. This addition is so great given the fact that the non 3D full HD plasma for Panasonic was at the bottom’s list some time back. All your most wanted substance is rendered with astonishing full HD clarity. All the movies, sports, HD programming in addition to your personal videos and photos will look their utter best. If you are not among the persons on the LED or 3D bandwagon, this is the choice for every individual whose goal is to get the best picture for the money.

Swipe & Share 2.0

Using this feature, it is now easier than it has never been to transfer your much loved content from your tablet or smart phone to a big TV screen so as you can enjoy with your loved ones and friends. With just a simple finger’s swipe, your videos, music and photos will be wirelessly transmitted to your plasma TV from your mobile device. With the ability to swipe back the content to your mobile device, you can quickly and easily add some new content and move along with it everywhere you go. For this feature to function as it is intended to, it requires an installation of VIERA remote 2 in the smart device, and a wireless LAN connection. It also supports Android 4.0 and all the versions which follow; and iOS 5.0.01 and later versions.

Sub-Field Drive of 600 Hz

With the unique image analysis technology of Panasonic, each scene’s motion is converted into data which can after that be processed for best possible clarity and sharpness. The end result is crisp, images which are clear even while viewing action scenes which are at high speed.

Online Movies

This feature gives you the freedom and chance to watch your favorite dramas and movies at any time which is most convenient for you. You can search Netflix, Hulu PLUS and other services for easily and quickly to look out for the titles which interest you.

Inbuilt Wireless LAN

With this great built in Wi-Fi, it doesn’t require you any additional equipment to connect your device with an already accessible wireless router on your residence network. Automatically the TV will detect any available networks and guide you through a simple setup process.

Electronic Touch Pen

This is an optional accessory. This innovative Pen gives you an opportunity to interact in various ways with the TV. The screen can be used as a virtual white board to write memos to the other household members. You can farther edit the pictures by either drawing right or adding captions on the image. It is also enormous for operating apps and playing games.

Viera remote 2

This is a free app which can be downloaded from any Android or iOS app store. It allows you to use your tablet or Smartphone device as your TV’s remote control, giving you the ability to not only adjust volume, change the channels and inputs; but also alter settings such as the brightness, contrast or color. It also enables you to use the mobile device as an alternative screen for viewing personal pictures and videos to the TV by the use of USB port or SD slot. Now it is possible for you to share content with family and friends on your mobile device even when the broadcast programming keeps on playing on the big screen. The functionality of this feature requires a connection of the wireless LAN, Android and iSO 5.0.1 or later.

Media Player

With this, you are able to play any saved content in a number of formats. It is very easy now to transfer content to the big screen from a USB device. You are able to add frames and any other effects to your videos and photos; create slide shows inclusive with background music. A wide range of formats are supported, therefore you are able to listen to music files which are PC-based and also view movies on the web right on your TV. The Formats which are applicable vary with the model.


This is a home network which links the entire house. More than ever, with this you can enjoy your individual content by linking all the devices in your home network. You can get access to content which is stored on the other devices on the network, not considering their locations in your home, and then have them viewed on your smart Panasonic TC-P50S60 TV.

Environment-Friendly Panel

It being Lead and Mercury free, it clearly proves Panasonic’s commitment to making its products friendlier to the environment. Aligned with this commitment, all the display panels of TC-P50S60 don’t contain any mercury and lead. This causes a reduction on the environmental impact after some years when the TV is retired form use or recycled.

In addition to being lead and mercury free, the panels are designed to have a long life thus enabling you to enjoy beautiful images for some good years. One of the most important ways through which the environment can be protected by the consumers is by them choosing products of high quality and caring for them so as they can last for some good time. Due to its design innovations, the panels can last up to 100,000 hours before brightness can decrease to half. This implies 8 hours viewing for over 30 years. This estimate of the measurement is obtained basing on the time it takes for the panel’s brightness to reduce to its maximum level’s half. This time may vary depending on the content of the image and the environment in which the TV is being used.

Automatic Power Save

The TC-P50S60 plasma TVs are designed to be eco responsible. They preserve energy by adjusting brightness automatically depending on the room’s conditions and powering down after short periods of idleness.


  • High quality display of pictures
  • Has got great contrast, color and black levels.
  • Has got a very easy setup.
  • It has got very low power consumption.
  • It fits best the budget for lower end TV users.
  • Has got a good design.


  • Has got only two HDMI.
  • Doesn’t have any RCA audio out for older.
  • Its menu’s keyboard is clunky.
  • The issue of glare light in a room which is bright is destructing.

Why Panasonic TC-P50S60 Is the Best Choice for Home Entertainment?

After reading the features listed above in the section of the product features, there is no doubt that this TV is the best choice one can make for the best of home entrainment. It gives home entertainment flexibility at its best…Click Here to Read All Customer Reviews & Ratings.


The TC-P50S60 being produced by Panasonic, which is considered to be the pest TV sets producer by so many people is a great choice you can’t regret. Very many people who give it thumbs up and perhaps you should also check ot out to experience quality at its best. Buy Now! Panasonic TC-P65S60 at